Kalki enhances SCL Manager for IEC 61850

Kalki SCL Manager Substation Configuration Software Platform enables substation engineers and design and commissioning engineers to build different substation configurations, architectures, models etc., quickly and cost effectively, without being to be experts in IEC 61850.

SCL Manager is a comprehensive graphical tool that allows user to create, configure, view and edit all the substation elements and its data models as specified in Substation Configuration Language specification of IEC 61850. SCL Manager enables users to configure a Sub-station and all its elements and make substations IEC 61850 compliant.

SCL Manager takes away the complexity of the IEC 61850 from the user and gives user friendly graphical interface for configuration and substation architecture definition. It allows users to build different substation architectures, and create complete system specifications. SCL Manager also allows user to link different IEDs & its data elements to the substation specification and create complete substation configuration as specified in IEC 61850.

Facility is given for creation of complete IED capabilities including its functions and data elements for any new IEDs. SCL Manager enables defining communication schemes and mapping data as required for management of IEC 61850 elements. It also facilitates enhanced management of SCL files and its validation. The enhanced logical node template allows user to create complete functionalities of IEC 61850 based IEDs with a very minimal knowledge of IEC 61850 standard.


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Intelligent electronic device

IEDs receive data from sensors and power equipment, and can issue control commands, such as tripping circuit breakers if they sense voltage, current, or frequency anomalies, or raise/lower voltage levels in order to maintain the desired level. Common types of IEDs include protective relaying devices, On Load Tap Changer controllers, circuit breaker controllers, capacitor bank switches, recloser controllers, voltage regulators, etc.
Digital protective relays are primarily IEDs, using a microprocessor to perform several protective, control, and similar functions. A typical IED can contain around 5-12 protection functions, 5-8 control functions controlling separate devices, an autoreclose function, self monitoring function, communication functions etc. Hence, they are aptly named as Intelligent Electronic Devices.
Some recent IEDs are designed to support the IEC61850 standard for substation automation, which provides interoperability and advanced communications capabilities.

Generic Substation State Events (GSSE)

Generic Substation State Events (GSSE) is an extension of event transfer mechanism in UCA2.0. Only Status data can be exchanged through GSSE and it uses a status list (string of bits) rather than a dataset as is used in GOOSE. GSSE messages are transmitted directly over IEC/ISO 8802-2 and 8802-3 using a similar mechanism to GOOSE messages (refer IEC 61850-7-1 Clause 12.2, IEC 61850-8-1 Clause 6.4). As the GSSE format is simpler than GOOSE it is handled faster in some devices. GSSE is being progressively superseded by the use of GOOSE and support for it may eventually disappear.